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The GRUPPTA App is the first and only premier global Polish Mobile Directory that offers quick results of registered Polish businesses and services. With GRUPPTA, you can easily add offers and promotions to help your Polish compatriots, quickly perform criteria-specific searches directly from your smartphone, and experience instant connections to Poles worldwide.
Gruppta – first Polish Mobile Business Directory.

We connect the Polish community.

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Discover the possibilities of the GRUPPTA app.

The application allows you to search according to specific criteria and interests directly on your smartphone.

Quick search for services and offers according to your interests
Search for nearby services and offers based on your current location
Quick login via Facebook, LinkedIn and Apple ID
Company profile with logo, photos and all forms of contact
Subscription plans tailored to your needs
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Choose a plan tailored to the needs of your company.
Monthly Annual
Free registration
$0.00 $0.00
1 company1 company
0 offers0 offers
1 local advertising1 local advertising
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Basic Plan
$5.00 $55.00
1 company1 company
1 offer1 offer
1 local advertising1 local advertising
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Extended Plan
$20.00 $200.00
Monthly12 miesięcy
Up to 3 companiesUp to 3 companies
Up to 2 offersUp to 2 offers
Up to 3 local advertisingUp to 3 local advertising
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Platinum Plan
$100.00 $1000.00
Up to 5 comapniesUp to 5 comapnies
Up to 5 offersUp to 5 offers
Up to 10 local advertisingUp to 10 local advertising
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Quickly search for Polish companies anywhere in the world.

The GRUPPTA App makes life easier and helps Poles feel the comfort of connection and peace of mind, knowing that finding Polish goods and services is always at your fingertips.

Our team

Meet our team of specialists.

Gruppta Foundation

Being part of the GRUPPTA app and using it as a marketing platform to promote your company among the polish speaking community, you’re supporting the  Gruppta Foundation. Part of the income collected from paid subscriptions and advertisements is donated to the Gruppta Foundation and, in cooperation with Polish non-profit organizations, is distributed to Polish families in need around the world.

Support Foundation

We help Polish children

The goal of the foundation is to provide children from these families with access to essential electronic devices as well as educational funds so that these children have access to better education and technology, which will enable them to develop and allow for a better future.

Support Foundation

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    The Gruppta application is the first Mobile Catalog of Polish Companies for smartphones in the world, now available on Google Play and the App Store. We connect the Polish community.

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    We are happy to answer any questions regarding the GRUPPA application and present the details of the offer. Write us!